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With exclusive programming and buzz-worthy personalities, Slice offers the perfect escape for women on the go. Hosting the biggest reality and movie titles, Slice is the go-to destination for hit shows featuring relatable topics that women can’t get enough of.


Slice Television

  • Subscribers: 6.4 million
  • Over 2.8 million Canadians tune in to Slice weekly (2+)
  • Key Programs: Real Housewives Franchise, Vanderpump Rules, Million Dollar Listing Franchise, Flipping Out, Big Brother Side Show


Slice viewers are more likely to:

  • Spend over $50 on face/body skincare (Index 187) and make-up (140) per month
  • Try to stay on top of the latest changes in style and fashion (111) and really enjoy shopping for clothes (113)
  • Purchase watches (123), earrings (128), bracelets (118) and necklaces (148)
  • Plan on vacationing in the US (119), Europe (120) or Mexico/Caribbean (126) in the upcoming year
  • Enjoy having a wide variety of snacks (109), and often reward themselves with a snack (112)
  • Strongly agree that they try to dine at fine restaurants as often as possible (132)
  • Have made improvements to their basement/attic (113), bathrooms (122), family room (127), or kitchen (157) in the past two years
  • Own a vacation home (123)
  • Buy furniture (120) and home accessories (119), and visit home improvement/décor websites daily (125)
  • Be medium/heavy users of all-purpose household cleaners (136), bathroom cleaners (139), fabric refreshers (109), and air/carpet/room deodorizers (131)
  • Spend over $250 on food in an average week (144) while doing 3+ grocery shops (120)
  • Enjoy rice cakes (113), toaster products (124), yogurt (120), rolled oats (134), cold cereals (119), frozen vegetables (121), and seasoned rice (151)
  • Be medium/heavy drinkers of tea (116), coffee (105), soft drinks (108) and bottled water (113)
  • Visit food/recipe websites daily (174) and to have a sit down meal every evening (116) is the go-to destination for women looking for the ultimate entertainment fix, hit shows, and relatable topics. Targeting women who love life but savor an escape, is a favorite destination for all things fashion, beauty, travel, money, family and relationships.


  • 233,000 Unique Visitors
  • 1,800,000 Video Segment Views (+21% YoY)
  • Almost half (46%) of’s online visitors are F18-49 (Index 182 vs. Total Internet)
  • On average, visitors spend 81 minutes consuming content on the site each month


Demographic Profile

% of A18+ AMA, English Canada













HH $100k+


Home owner


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