Canadian Media Sales | Digital FAQs
Canadian Media Sales is your connection to Canada's top television, radio, digital, and mobile properties. We proudly represent Canada’s top media properties through our partnerships with Shaw Media and Bell Media. Our portfolio has the ability to reach nearly 100% of the Canadian population, and our networks consistently rank in the top 10 across all demos.
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Canadian Digital FAQs

For general questions related to Canadian media, see our Canada 101 section.


Is Canadian Media Sales an ad network?

We are not an ad network. We are a dedicated U.S. sales force that represents Corus and Bell Media’s digital properties.

What digital opportunities do you offer other than display advertising?

Our partners offer a myriad of opportunities in addition to standard display advertising. We highly encourage buyers to explore more integrative advertising options such as sponsorships, contests, microsites, content integration and more. Please contact your digital sales rep for more information.

What video lengths can we run online?

Advertisers can run 0:15 or 0:30 clips on our video content online. In some cases, longer videos may be accepted to run on specific content. Contact your sales rep for more information.

Is there a premium to geo-target a specific province or city in digital or mobile ads?

Yes, there is typically a 15% premium to target a specific region.

Do you sell U.S. impressions on your sites?

Yes, there is some U.S. traffic on some of our media properties. However, the U.S. traffic is minimal and we primarily focus on serving the Canadian audience.