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Canadian Media Statistics


Media consumption in Canada is similar to the U.S., but on a smaller scale and with a few specific nuances. The Canadian audience is affluent, technologically-savvy, and hungry for entertainment. Click to expand the sections below to learn more about what sets the Canadian audience apart for various forms of media.



  • Television in CanadaCanada has 42 television markets and 13.9 million TV households. (1)
  • The top television markets in Canada (representing 72% of total population) are: Toronto-Hamilton, Montreal, Vancouver, Kitchener-London, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa-Gatineau, Quebec City, Winnipeg, and East Central Ontario. (1)
  • Canadians watch mostly Canadian specialty (37.4%) and Canadian conventional (37.3%) television, with few Canadians watching U.S. conventional/broadcast (4%) and U.S. specialty (6.9%). (1)
  • Television has a 98% penetration of Canadian households. (1)
  • 93% of Canadian homes have either cable or satellite, 85% are digital, 53% have PVRs, and 27% are multi-set households. (1)


  • Digital in CanadaCanadian consumers are global leaders in online consumption, with over 36.7 monthly hours per visitor. (3)
  • Canadians spend 5.1 more hours watching online videos than their American counterparts. (3)
  • 27.9 million Canadians use a desktop computer to access the internet monthly. (3)
  • In 2014, more than 442 billion display ad impressions were delivered in Canada during the year. (3)
  • Over 25 million Canadians watch online videos each month. (3)


  • Mobile in CanadaMobile subscribers grew by 5% in Canada year over year to more than 24 million. (3)
  • Smartphones are used by 4 out of every 5 mobile users in Canada. (3)
  • 9.3 million Canadians own tablets, while 19.7 million own smartphones. (3)
  • 32.2% of Canadian smartphone subscribers used their phone while watching TV, and 35.0% of Canadian smartphone subscribers who own tablets used their tablet while watching TV. (3)