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Canadian Media Sales is your connection to Canada's top television, radio, digital, and mobile properties. We proudly represent Canada’s top media properties through our partnerships with Shaw Media and Bell Media. Our portfolio has the ability to reach nearly 100% of the Canadian population, and our networks consistently rank in the top 10 across all demos.
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Canada 101

The Canadian market is similar to the U.S., but has a few special exceptions that buyers need to be aware of before placing media buys. While close to the U.S., there are geographic, population, language, and behavioral differences to consider. CMS is here to answer your questions, provide solutions, and help you navigate through Canadian media. For questions related to specific media, please refer to our Television FAQs, Digital FAQs, and Mobile FAQs.


How does the Canadian population compare to the U.S.?

Canada’s population of 35.6 million people represents about 12% of the United States (302 million). As a country, Canada is equal to the combined metropolitan populations of New York City and Los Angeles. (1)

How much of the Canadian population speaks French?

The French-speaking population base in Canada is 7.2 million (20.6% of all of Canada). (2) The vast majority of French-speaking Canadians reside in the province of Quebec, where 81.4% of residents speak French. (3)

What are GST and HST? Does our agency need to pay these taxes?

When an agency in Canada places a media buy, a Goods and Services tax (GST) is applied to the contract’s net value.  This is standard in Canada, and is strictly enforced. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador have combined their respective provincial sales taxes with the GST to create a harmonized sales tax (HST) in each of these provinces. Buys executed by a U.S. agency are exempt from this tax. If your agency is located in the U.S., you do not need to pay GST or HST, but you will need to fill out a tax exemption form. For more information on GST & HST, visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s website.

Are invoices in Canadian or U.S. dollars?

Invoices and contracts are quoted in Canadian Dollars.  Payment can be made in either Canadian or U.S. funds.  The conversion rate fluctuates daily, and it is updated daily on the Bank of Canada website.  Once an invoice is received, payment should be made based on the current exchange rate in order to avoid any billing discrepancies.

Are rates quoted Gross or Net?

All rates are Canadian Gross unless otherwise noted.

What is the standard agency commission?

The standard agency commission is 15%.

Can I combine a television and digital buy into one package?

You can combine television, digital and/or mobile into any buy. Many of our digital and mobile properties are natural additions to television buys, and will help you reach the entire viewing audience. Our sales reps will help you put together the perfect cross-platform solution for your advertisers!