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Canadian Hockey: The Playoff Effect

Canadians love hockey, so they must be watching the NHL playoffs, right? Not necessarily!


Our research on playoff viewership shows the playoff effect is modest: Men ages 25-54 only tune in to the playoffs for 11% of their viewing time. Viewers are loyal to Canadian teams, especially the Toronto Maple Leafs, when they do watch hockey. Games without Canadian teams saw a drop in viewership over 25% on CBC and over 50% on Sportsnet.


The drop increases to over 40% on conventional networks and over 60% on specialty networks when the Leafs are eliminated. This research is based on the 2017 NHL season, when 5 Canadian teams made the playoffs. In 2018, these numbers are likely to be even lower because only 2 Canadian teams made the NHL playoffs.


The good news is that, by allocating half of your buy to Global, you can reach a broader audience: up to 31% of adults ages 25-54. Global News has successful local news programs in every market, and the early-evening newscast Global National attracts nearly a million viewers every weekday. Programs like MacGyver and Saturday Night Live are a big draw, meaning more eyes on your ads, more brand recognition, and more customers.


We know that you rely on solid research and concrete numbers to formulate your marketing strategy, and this is especially important when the research flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Reach out to your sales rep today to explore how you can optimize your campaign during playoff season.


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